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Mother Daughter emotion on wedding day - Riviera Maya

This image is so special to me. Yes, photographers have special images of their own capture too! I took this frame during the getting ready portion of Crystal & Lance's destination wedding on the Riviera Maya about 20 miles south of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I always, undoubtedly, feel honored to be a part of every wedding I photograph. I am truly blessed to be invited into families lives to witness and document, what is many times, one of the most important days of their lives. And sometimes I'm blessed to capture very raw emotion from family and friends of the bride and groom or from the bride and groom themselves. It's a day when families change for the better, I believe. I believe families become closer with special life events such as weddings. I also love it when my clients are comfortable enough in front of the camera to be real. That was this wedding - raw emotion all day long. I was in heaven. During the getting ready portion of this day, I had a hunch early on that we were going to have an emotional day because as I was photographing the bride with her bridesmaids there was a sweetness in the air. Then mom comes into the room. Eruption of more emotion is now taking place. The bride is fighting back the tears because she doesn't want her makeup to run and mom is simply full of joy and hugs for everyone. Then Grandma enters to the room - more crying hugs and laughter abounds. Next, dad enters the room. Oh my, you know I can usually expect mom, daughters and bridesmaids to be giddy and tearful at times during the wedding day, however, it is such a dear sweet deep moment when dads get emotional. This bride, his daughter, was very very special to him. As he walked over and hugged his daughter, it was a thicker, special love going around the room this time. Now it was time to go to the wedding. Because the resort was so large, and the ceremony location was far from our rooms, there were attendants taking us to the wedding on golf carts. So one by one, everyone started getting rides down to the ceremony location. That left Crystal the bride, mom, dad and myself. I asked her if she wanted me to stay and photograph these last moments or if she wanted to be alone with her parents. She asked me to stay. I cannot explain the level of honor I felt at this moment. It was one of most special moments I have witnessed photographing weddings. What happen next produced the image you see here. Dad gave Crystal another embrace, full of emotion. Mom stood off in the distance a bit, admiring her husband and daughter's intimate moment. Then, mom ran over to crystal with arms open and said with a shaky endearing voice, "We Love You!" Then I snapped this frame.

Location: Grand Sirenis Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico.